Stickney Hill Dairy believes that happy healthy goats produce the best milk and we are dedicated to the welfare and proper treatment of the goats providing the milk for our cheese. The Happy Goat Program is designed to ensure our local producers share this dedication to animal welfare. The focus of the program is based on shelter, nutrition, medical care, and general treatment.


  • The goats have access to shelter or housing that will provide adequate protection from the elements during severe weather.
  • Shelters are large enough to house all milking goats and are well maintained with proper ventilation.
  • Bedding in shelters are changed regularly and kept dry.


  • Goats always have access to clean water and feed.
  • No animal by-products are fed to milking goats.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements are used when necessary to promote health.

Medical Care

  • Sick animals are separated from the herd for their own wellbeing and to avoid spreading any illness or disease.
  • Antibiotics are only used when necessary for the animal’s health.
  • All dairy goats are rBST free.

General Treatment

  • Goats have access to a pasture or outside area.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy towards the cruelty of animals.
  • The use of electric cattle prods is prohibited except for prevention of injury to the animal or handler. Tie stalls and/or head stanchions are only used while actively milking or during veterinary procedures.