Our innovative approach, flexibility and knowledge of applications constitute the most important foundations of our customer-oriented philosophy. We actively work closely with our customers to develop the application ability and functional requirements to meet mutual need. Stickney Hill Dairy is established in partnership with the goat milk producers of the Midwest and for the commercial customers that need a professional supplier of goat milk products that are produced at the most demanding of standards. Our professional approach and professional management provide a supplier that the leading international customers can depend upon.

Vision Statement:

To become the #1 leader in goat cheese across the United States through our commitment to our local, family farms and to be the world leader in innovative cheese by products.

Mission Statement:

Stickney Hill Dairy is a national leader in the development, marketing and sales of goat milk products for commercial, food service and retail market segments

Integrity: To do what is right even if you are alone Respect: “The Golden Rule” – applies internally first Inspire: Wake up every day and change your world Motivate: Together We Achieve More

Accountability: Owning your mistakes and celebrate your successes Timeliness: Maximizing your potential each day

Fun: Is the ultimate challenge

Stickney Hill Dairy is committed to providing our customers with the highest
quality farmstead Goat Cheese products available. Each day, we process milk
into the finest cheeses in the nation, through a combination of time-honored
tradition and the latest in dairy technology. We use immense care and dedication
to ensure a consistent, flavorful cheese with every batch.

  • Commercially Focused, Award Winning, Artisanal Goat Cheese Producer Since 1999
  • Large Minnesota Dairy Goat Producer Base
  • Brand Partner for Goat Chevre
  • Exceptional Quality Track Record
  • Supplying Ingredient, Food Service and Retail Market Segments